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Build Your Command and Control Center Your Way

Setting up a command and control center, even a simple one inside a small organization can seem like a daunting task.  There is the physical hardware, protocols and databases, displays and consoles as well as a means to access it all.  Limelight XE is a software system that can provide the framework for both edge processing (putting computing resources near the hardware where it's needed) and centralized control (your command center). 

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Unifying your world of diverse systems

Limelight XE™ Core Functionality and Expansion

The engine that powers the Limelight XE™ suite has at its core much of the functionality to consolidate data from multiple sources.  It has support for storage, tracking assets and personnel, and more.  The engine functionality can also be expaned via a wide variety of drivers and plug-ins that add video analytics (counting, tracking and recording), network monitoring (SNMP, Syslog, etc.), automation (Modbus TCP, etc.) and more.  All drivers are provided with the installation package and can be added and removed as needed.  Below are some of the suite's key features.

Cloud Support

Out of the box ready for cloud computing directly supporting Amazon EC2, Arora, MySQL and more...

Object Tracking

Tracking and mapping objects reporting location data is built directly into the core functionality.

Create Display Walls

Limelight XE™ Display Client directly drives 4K or HD monitors for stunning graphical displays.

Event Driven

Global scheduling and full ECMA compliant scripting engine provides total control over your data and environment.

Limelight Interface Architect

The Limelight Interface Architect tool provides a rich design environment for system designers.

Full Auditing

With complete logging, alarm management and change auditing, Limelight XE™ provides complete information on users and their activity.

Drag and drop display wall and interface constructor

Limelight Interface Architect

Advanced user interface design that fits your style.

Easy to use but advanced enough for the most demanding interfaces.
Drag and drop and full property editor gives you unlimited styles and colors.
Dark styles or fully ISA101 compliant interfaces made simple.
Client / Server Remote Access
Connect to the Limelight XE™ server from anywhere via console client or RDP.
Real Time Updates
Updates occur in real time with approximately 30 ms update rate depending on bandwidth.

Build a Powerful Command Center

Limelight XE™ comes with several applications to setup, design, build and deploy a complete control center or even remote centers - even with the basic free license.

For more capability, choose a license plan that fits your needs - you can upgrade or downgrade any installation at any time.  


Limelight XE™ is a Windows based server / client application.  It runs on Microsoft Windows 10 (or higher) and Server 2012 (or higher) platforms.

The basic (free) license allows you to install the software on as many computers as you like, so install, experiment, use... need more capability, then purchase a license plan.

By providing our licenses as leases, we are able to provide the latest release version and support without a contract.  You can try a plan and if the software doesn't work for you, you can cancel at any time.

Software leases provide more flexibility in controlling license costs and make upgrading very simple.

Learning any new software tool can be daunting - so we provide a "getting started" guide,  "how to" white papers, tutorial videos and a monitored forum where users can exchange ideas and examples, report bugs and ask questions.

For purchased plans we also provide direct email support for one-on-one immediate service.

Limelight XE Features

Highly Integrated with Expandable Capabilities

Limelight XE™ includes many features integrated into the core engine and is expandable via plug-ins!

Complete User Account Management

Accounts and credentials are completely configurable including binding various sections of the infrastructure to a specific user.  This limits what part of a system users can view or alter.

Logging and Auditing

Limelight XE™ supports logging of all events and alterations providing a complete history of changes.  The console allows searching log entries and exporting for report generation.


Alarm Management

The alarm system provides multiple user management of all alarms.  Views are customizable and can be programmed to reflect the needs of individual organizations.


Master Schedules

Create master schedules for automation, time and attendance, system status and more.  Schedules are fully customizable and can trigger procedures for complete flexibility.


ECMA Compliant Script Engine

Limelight XE™ integrates the ECMA 6 compliant Microsoft Chakra JavaScript engine.  The engine has been expanded to allow access to all internal properties for complete control over the server.


The procedure manager allows designers to create procedures that are tied to various alarms.  procedures can have user interaction or can run automatically.



The security module provides the ability to limit access to the server via IP blocking and account credentials.  Connections can be monitored and alarms tied to failed credentials.



Plug-ins and Drivers

Limelight XE™ utilizes drivers and plug-ins to expand the core capabilities.  Drivers include video analytics, access control, HID Global Edge and VertX legacy RFID controllers, Modbus TCP and more...



HTTP Server and RESTful Interface

The core engine integrates a high performance HTTP server and RESTful interface for direct web access and applications.  The server supports SSL certificates for complete end-to-end encryption.


Let us help you with your next Command Center or Process Control System

Have questions?  Contact us and we can walk you through how Limelight XE™ can provide you with not only a complete and functional control room, but also edge servers to off load real time analysis of data or video.


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