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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Strasis Supports STEM

At Strasis Systems we strongly support teachers and universities that are looking for projects that foster interest in science, technology, engineering and math. We provide free projects for STEM curriculums that can be used to inspire students to create their own technology using Limelight XE and simple inexpensive hardware (e.g. Raspberry PI 3B).  Projects include simple control systems, automation, robotics as well as advanced designs to track aircraft and people and more.  All the project software, documentation and examples are provided in the archive and are designed to work with our free basic license (which never expires).

For those applications that require more functionality, teachers and universities are encouraged to contact us for teaching licenses that provide the full performance of Limelight XE with no cost to the institution or teacher.  We feel that it is imperative that students learn to create through doing and this program can provide additional resources for teacher and university programs.

Feel free to contact us directly via our contact page.



Strasis Systems, LLC is a provider of software for command and control centers, data visualization, security and systems integration.