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 Strasis Systems Documentation Portal


This is the root location for all Strasis Systems product documentation and applications information.  Please click on the product link in the Products section for detailed documentation that covers installation, operation, deployment and more.  The Applications section provides detailed application notes on various topics useful for end markets and the tutorial section provides step-by-step instruction on "how to" accomplish various tasks.


  Limelight XE
  Includes concepts, console documentation and reference material for the ACE engine (server) and drivers

  Limelight Interface Architect
  Includes user interface overview and control details for building interfaces to Limelight XE

  Limelight Display Client
  Includes user and deployment information for individual custom interfaces and display walls

  Limelight Log File Viewer
  Covers this additional application for reading proprietary binary log files created by Limelight XE

  Limelight Service Manager
  Covers an alternative application used to start and stop the Limelight XE ACE engine service



This section provides detailed tutorials on various topics useful to both users and developers.  The complete list of Limelight XE tutorials can be found here.


Strasis Systems, LLC is a provider of software for command and control centers, data visualization, security and systems integration.