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Command and Control Centers


The words command and control (C2) often bring to mind a military operation and rightly so... without this function an operation can fall apart.  That too is true for businesses both government and civilian.  Large corporations such as power companies, railroads, and municipalities all utilize command and control to manage their vast infrastructures.  But what if you run a smaller to medium size business and would like to consolidate large amounts of information into your own command and control center?  Limelight XE™ is your answer and can provide a very sophisticated C2 software platform complete with user consoles, display walls and information consolidation through edge servers that live where the data is being gathered.

Limelight XE™ supports Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012+ platforms as well as MySQL and MSSQL database engines and is designed to operate as a distributed system. Limelight XE servers can be located on the edge of the environment and update centralized local or cloud servers. The engine runs as a service and can be installed on local or cloud platforms and supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cloud databases.

Display walls are driven by the Limelight Display Client which automatically connects to a master display controller to acquire the display files that define how the information is presented.  These files are created using the Limelight Interface Architect tool - a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) design application for creating amazing user interfaces and information displays.  Depending on the display requirements, the display client can run on very little horsepower (e.g. an Intel Atom fan-less mini pc) for static displays or can support multiple 4K monitors on higher performance machines (e.g. AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel i7 level processors). All rendered graphics are hardware accelerated to provide smooth, jitter free imagery and have optional easing capability to smooth the motion in animated displays.

Operator consoles follow the same requirements - for most applications a standard business computer with a multi-display video card is sufficient.  For more sophistication, touch monitors are directly supported including dedicated "touch controls" that provide direct touch input to the system. Operator consoles can be customized to follow the same look-and-feel as the display walls for a unified theme.  Controls have a very high degree of flexibility and can be configured to comply with standards such as ISA101 - one of the latest standards for control room operator consoles and displays.

If you have questions on how Limelight XE can be used to build your command and control center, please use our contact form to request additional information or download a copy today and register for a free basic license and try it out yourself.  You may also wish to browse our gallery of example user interface designs created with Limelight Interface Architect.




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