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Limelight Interface Architect is a drag and drop tool which comes with all levels of Limelight XE™ that can be used to rapidly design and deploy user interfaces and display walls. The tool provides a palette of controls that can be linked with real world sources provided by a Limelight XE server. The basic controls can be expanded by building custom controls from the basic elements and storing them in the palette for future use.  Once the design is complete it can be deployed to a central Limelight XE server which then is accessed by remote display clients that drive the actual user interfaces and display walls.  System designers and administrators can maintain user interfaces and display walls even while the system is in operation by updating the master display files.  Once a display file is updated a notification is sent to all clients to reload their interfaces so the changes are immediate.

All graphical presentations utilize hardware acceleration to provide the smoothest images that emulate real-world controls.  For example, the dial gauge control has optional animation mechanisms to smooth the changes between value updates - exactly like it's real-world analog equivalent.  These features allow much cleaner and scalable controls (unlike bitmap based controls).


  • Modern "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) drag and drop interface with command ribbon
  • Instantly test your interface while in the architect tool by linking them to server property values
  • Create custom controls from elemental components or modify and save an existing control
  • Save directly to a central command server for deployment
  • Over 20 standard controls - many with over 80+ properties to customize the look and feel of the control
  • All graphical controls utilize hardware accelerated vector drawing to provide update rates similar to full motion video
  • Linking controls to global variables allows computational values to be displayed (via the server's scripting engine)

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