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Security and Surveillance Market


Keeping track of assets, protecting and monitoring property and facilities and providing access control for personal are all top priorities for organizations.  Limelight XE™ was originally designed with these requirements in mind and supports leading suppliers of access control and surveillance equipment. Just about any video source can be monitored and analyzed using the video analytics driver (plug-in).  The video driver has the ability to extract and track moving objects from a video feed and send alarms when threshold settings are exceeded.  This helps mitigate false alarms caused by insects and small animals (or motion from wind).

Limelight XE utilizes a distributed architecture where heavy analytical processing is done at the "edge" of a network where the data is being gathered or recorded.  For surveillance applications servers located on premises are used to process the video information from IP cameras and send alarms and data to centralized Limelight XE servers located locally in a command center or in the cloud for greater security and flexibility.  These localized servers can also provide additional services such as access control and building automation.

In the command center, either the Limelight XE Console application or a Display Client can be utilized to manage alarms and provide operators or guards procedures complete with location information and step-by-step instructions and phone numbers all automatically.  Alarm management include flood controls and multi operator configurations.  See below for more information on command centers and the video analytics driver.

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Strasis Systems, LLC is a provider of software for command and control centers, data visualization, security and systems integration.