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Time and Attendance


In large organizations, keeping track of employee assets can be problematic and often require custom hardware simply for this purpose.  If your organization already operates with security such as turnstiles, man-traps or single point entry-exit you may be able to utilize these systems to also track time-and-attendance information and employee locations.

Limelight XE directly supports the HID Global VertX / EDGE product families and can provide access control (RFID access, remote release, etc.) as well as track users that pass through these security points.  Data such as time of access, movement through the facility (via internal accesses) and time of exit (via an exit reader) are stored in the Limelight XE SQL database (MySQL and MSSQL are also supported).  The time and attendance data can be displayed in the Limelight XE console (by user account), but is also available when using an external database to your internal systems to extract this information (the full schema is available to licensed users).

Anti-pass-back (APB) is supported in the access control module to prevent employees from sharing IDs to gain entry limiting fraudulent hours worked.  It can also be used to prevent tail gaiting in parking lots by limiting the ability to leave an ID on the gate controller for the next vehicle (a common practice). APB rules can be setup to reset automatically over a period of time (e.g. 3 minutes) to allow employees to gain access again if they leave the building via an unsecured exit door... APB violations can also trip alarms to operators or send emails to supervisors for action.  The access control module is highly configurable and can assist in managing time and attendance rules.

For more information on how Limelight XE can help your organization with access control or time and attendance, please contact us for a free consultation.



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