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Submitted by Strasis Support on 11 December 2019

Limelight XE is a powerful system that utilizes a server side engine to do much of the heavy lifting for managing information flowing from various sources.  However, without a way to visualize this information the engine is constrained to event management and control.  Limelight Interface Architect which ships with all license combined with the display client allow developers to create interactive visual systems that can be used to display information and video sources in many different ways.

This forum is dedicated to those who are tasked with creating these user interfaces.  Support Team A (my team) will periodically post designs that might inspire you to build something differently or to use as a basis for a new design.  Also, if there is a question or problem we (or other users) can help... so feel free to post UI questions here.  So download a free copy of Limelight XE and start building... there are several tutorials on creating UIs and don't forget to visit our Gallery of examples.

Support Team A


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