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Download Instructions

To download the latest version of Limelight XE™ applications suite click either button below to start the download.  The full installer option downloads an executable installer package.  The web installer is a small boot-strap loader that will incrementally download the components selected during the install process (faster download). 

Full installer file
Web installer file


Installation Instructions

  • Follow the Quick Start manual here.
  • The default user ID is "administrator" (no quotes) with no password - you will be prompted to change it.
  • Full console / server documentation can be found here.
  • All documentation can be found here.

For further support, log into your account on this site and select the Support drop-down from the top navigation menu then click Support Contact Form.

Version 2.2 Features

  • Full script debugging - Now you can run scripts in debug mode with breakpoints, stepping and full stack trace - see tutorial.
  • New scripting API additions - see API documentation
  • Browser Emulation - now supports setTimeout(), setInterval(), clearTimout() and clearInterval() functions
  • Property Monitoring - new ace.notifyPropertyChange() and clearNotification() functions
  • Full color and attribute console - new console allows full color and text attributes for enhanced log entries - see ECMA-48 SGR escape codes.
  • Video Storage Management - Video driver now supports storage management features to manage video recording space.
  • New X-Keys Server Driver - Now you can add a rack mounted X-keys keyboard such as the XKE-40 to your server and interact via scripting to initiate functions or get status feedback without an attached monitor.

Previous Releases

Find all releases on our Limelight XE™ Release History page.



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