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Download Instructions

To download the latest version of Limelight XE™ applications suite click either button below to start the download.  The full installer option downloads an executable installer package.  The web installer is a small boot-strap loader that will incrementally download the components selected during the install process (faster download). 

Full installer file
Web installer file


Installation Instructions

  • Follow the Quick Start manual here.
  • The default user ID is "administrator" (no quotes) with no password - you will be prompted to change it.
  • Full console / server documentation can be found here.
  • All documentation can be found here.

For further support, log into your account on this site and select the Support drop-down from the top navigation menu then click Support Contact Form.

Version 2.6 Features / Updates

  • General maintenance release, UI enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added feature to allow clearing of "off location" flag for objects (mostly marine ATON fixed objects)
    • Fixed map point editing color to use Waypoint color for better map contrast
    • Improved various logging options to minimize log bloat
  • Console Updates
    • Improved mapping support to minimize memory usage for large numbers of overlays / updates
    • Added support for GeoJSON for both local layers and server / driver layers (NEW)
    • Added GeoCoding functionality to display addresses (NEW) - zoom level adjustable in layer settings
    • Updated map settings to allow configuration of GeoJSON layers
    • Added new detachable form for address information (NEW) - feature found under VIEW menu or by pressing F5)
    • Added log export capability to CSV file (NEW)
  • Server Updates
    • Added new tracking log to offload internal tracking updates from system log (NEW)
    • Added support for GeoCoding databases with import capability (NEW)
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.5 Features / Updates

  • General maintenance release, UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • Driver Updates
    • IP to Location Driver allows firewall and other modules to map device locations (NEW)
      • Import the CSV DB5 lite location library from (requires sign up)
      • Enable in Limelight's firewall to locate attackers automatically
      • Driver can also supply location data to other applications on the network
    • Video driver updates to configuration UI to expose additional features
    • Xirgo driver
      • updates to enhance support for XT4500 and XT4700 trackers
      • Updates to save event ID in the event log for additional detail
      • Added Odometer properties to trackers to monitor mileage on vehicles (OBD2 & JBUS trackers only)
      • Shock detection now correctly records XYZ axis G-force vectors
  • Updates to the CoAP protocol engine to fix session issues when not transferring blocks
  • Console and Limelight Architect mapping updates for bug fixes and enhancements

Version 2.4 Features / Updates

  • General maintenance release, UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • Driver Updates
    • Video driver improvements to maintain constant storage of clips
    • AIS and ADS-B drivers - added / improved antenna pattern functionality in Configuration tab
    • ADS-B driver - fixed several issues with dead locks when updating properties
    • Modbus driver - fixed issue with discrete input groups larger than 8 devices
  • Improved mapping performance in Limelight Interface Architect, Console and Display Client applications

Version 2.3.1 Features / Updates

  • General updates, UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • Client protocol updated to 4.3 to support coherent property updates to display controls and user interfaces.  This provides a one-time update when more than one property changes simultaneously (e.g., when a map is repositioned and zoomed).
  • New built-in Firewall functionality provides enhanced security and auto-tracking capabilities for attacks. See Network Security object now under Network Services in the Components tab of the Limelight XE Console to change settings.
  • Windows service log is now dynamic and changes when log entries are pushed from the Limelight XE server.  This can be seen in the Service Control tab of the Limelight XE Console client or the Service Control client logs.  There is still a manual refresh in the cases when the log is manually cleared.
  • Updates to the alarm manager to enhance the user interaction and interface.
  • Updates to mapping and map filters to include additional object types including IP addresses injected by the built in firewall.
  • Improved WhoIs support in the security tab.  user can now enter any IP address for a WhoIs lookup (not only those previously black or white listed)
  • Driver Updates
    • AIS driver now supports a variety of logging options for packet errors including the ability to completely ignore the errors.
    • Enhancements to support coherent property updates on all drivers
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes along with all the previous features

Version 2.3 Features

  • Full object tracking and mapping now available directly in the Limelight XE console application
    • Map and track accounts, fixed assets, devices and mobile devices such as phones, vehicles, aircraft, ships and more
    • Utilizes standard tiled map servers for base maps and overlays
    • Hardware accelerated graphics provides fast and beautifully smooth glyphs, lines and text
    • Object searching by ID, name, description and more makes it very easy to find objects in large databases (e.g. 10,000+ tracking objects).
    • Mapping analytics can quickly identify and classify all objects in a map view in one click
    • Filters allow operators to quickly narrow the view to specific objects and object types
    • Full fleet management capability allows enhanced monitoring of any object (people, vehicles, etc.)
    • Map layer options let each operator determine the look and feel of their map view
    • Overview map inset helps to improve situational awareness
    • Location presets to quickly navigate key locations
    • Push map views from any operator station to master wall maps with a single click
    • Measure object intercepts and distances directly on the map
    • X-Keys support for quick access to many of the above mapping features
    • And much more...
  • Geofencing provides object monitoring options to trigger events, run procedures and send notifications
    • Monitor vehicles and employees as they enter or leave locations and log their time on site by account
    • Geofencing options include four area types (circular, sector, rectangular and polygon) including large, multi-point shapes to outline complex regions
    • Optional predictive modeling and sensor fusion provides more accurate entry / exit times from geofenced areas
  • Integrate external geolocation data to display additional objects directly on operator or master wall maps 
    • Supports MSSQL and MySQL sources and can map fields directly to a Limelight XE Server
    • Classify using external database or fixed classifications (e.g. cattle, cell towers, etc.)
  • Account manager time logging view has been enhanced to better display time spans and includes a new toolbar for easy configuration
  • Enhanced alarm features now carry additional details in the alarm message
  • New driver to support OSMA tracking protocol (e.g. Traccar iOS and Android apps)
  • Improved IP security now allows bulk uploading of blacklisted (or whitelisted) IP addresses or groups in either CSV or CIDR format
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes along with all the previous features 

Version 2.2 Features

  • Full script debugging - Now you can run scripts in debug mode with breakpoints, stepping and full stack trace - see tutorial.
  • New scripting API additions - see API documentation
  • Browser Emulation - now supports setTimeout(), setInterval(), clearTimout() and clearInterval() functions
  • Property Monitoring - new ace.notifyPropertyChange() and clearNotification() functions
  • Full color and attribute console - new console allows full color and text attributes for enhanced log entries - see ECMA-48 SGR escape codes.
  • Video Storage Management - Video driver now supports storage management features to manage video recording space.
  • New X-Keys Server Driver - Now you can add a rack mounted X-keys keyboard such as the XKE-40 to your server and interact via scripting to initiate functions or get status feedback without an attached monitor.

Previous Releases

Find all releases on our Limelight XE™ Release History page.



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