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Who We Are

We are a supplier of high performance client / server software for the development and deployment of command and control centers that support supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA),  video surveillance, recording and analytics as well as remote management of assets and people.  The company was founded in 2011 as a software development company focused on automation.  Since then our mission has expanded to command and control, video surveillance, asset tracking and security.  All of our employees are US citizens and we are based in United States of America in Orlando, FL.

A Trusted Software Supplier that Supports Your Needs

As a small business we have the ability to quickly address issues and problems as well as advance functionality in our systems.  We also have the ability to customize solutions for our customers including driver development to support specific hardware or data sources.  Our products are constantly evolving to provide you with the state of the art solutions for video analytics, data visualization and command centers.

Our mission is to provide high quality software and develop innovative solutions for our users

  • Security is highly important to us.  We are U.S. based and hire only US citizens.
  • We will provide high value and functionality for our customers.
  • Software quality and issue management is fundamental to our mission.   

Core Values

It is fundamental to our company that quality and issue management is a core value. Errors can manifest themselves when systems are deployed and is often an artifact of modern software development.  The willingness to address and fix (or work around) a customer's issue is paramount and our designers are committed to a superior level of service to address any issues that arise.



Strasis Systems, LLC is a provider of software for command and control centers, data visualization, security and systems integration.