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Networking and Infrastructure Management


Communication infrastructure can get extremely complicated as a business expands and keeping track of the health and wellbeing of the equipment is paramount to today's connected economy.  With the ability to indicate states in large complex diagrams as well as monitor networking and other equipment, Limelight XE is perfectly suited to this task.  Two plug-ins specifically target networking infrastructure; the Simple Network Management Protorol (SNMP) and Syslog drivers.  By setting traps in networking equipment, servers and other SNMP managed devices, the exact state can be known.  In addition, MIB endpoints can be monitored (polled) to keep state information (e.g. up time) of each device or server.

Example SNMP Agent End Point Monitoring

Each of the SNMP agent endpoints appear as an "object" to limelight and can be referenced via it's unique GUID.  Entire enterprise diagrams can be drawn with Limelight Interface Architect and then various components can be linked to these endpoints resulting in a dynamic map of an entire infrastructure.

Trap information can be tied to alarms which can trigger operator procedures and scripts for automated event management.  When a trap occurs, it is logged into the Limelight XE log database and once a preset threshold is exceed, an alarm can be issued to all operators. In addition, filters can be configured for each device to limit what trap information is handled.  This can be very useful when a problematic device sends trap information causing numerous alarms.

With the flexibility of Limelight XE, networking monitoring can be integrated into a complete building management system providing video feeds, real time alerts and security.  For more information on how Limelight XE can be used to monitor your infrastructure, please contact us.

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