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Understanding the flow of people or vehicles is often considered when placing signage, arranging the flow of isles in a store or determining the best product placement in a store.  With Limelight XE's video analytics driver, this can be accomplished using either low cost dedicated cameras or existing IP cameras (e.g. security cameras).  The video driver provides two mechanisms for gathering statistics - object counting and heat mapping.

Object counting can be configured so that objects of a certain mass can be counted and recorded to a SQL database table every minute with sums also being recorded every hour and daily.  By aggregating this data patterns emerge on the times of heaviest traffic.  Additionally, a heat map can be generated within the driver based on where objects traveled in the field of view.  The image is divided into configurable size bins and as objects traverse each bin the weight assigned is increased.  Over time, a map emerges based on where objects most frequently traveled.  Using both the counting information and heatmaps, decisions can be made on whether to improve or change aspects of a business or facility. See the additional resource links below for more information on video analytics used for counting and heat mapping.

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