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Small Business


Small to medium size businesses are the back-bone of the economy and often operate multiple locations across the country.  Managing buildings, tracking assets, securing facilities and keeping your network operational can be a daunting task.  Limelight XE can help by integrating these systems together providing an unified view of your operation as well as being affordable with low cost monthly licenses. 

Large corporations can afford expensive proprietary systems that perform this function, but small to medium sized businesses may have grown up a piece at a time.  This "one step at a time" can help contain costs, however it often results in a disjointed system with hardware from different manufacturers and no centralized control.  Limelight XE can bridge these differences creating a uniform command and control center that provides visibility into your daily operations as well as situational awareness when handling issues.

For more information on how Limelight XE can help your small business, please contact us for a free consultation - we would love to help you try out our system for free so you can see the power of Limelight XE and the value of a highly integrated command and control center.



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