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User Console Application Example

Create User Control Consoles for Multiple Screens

Using the Limelight Interface Architect tool, designers can create complex interactive control consoles that meet the precise needs of the end user.  The example above is a dual screen security application that ties to a Limelight XE™ server that is monitoring multiple video feeds, analyzing the video images and sending alerts to the operator along with geographic coordinate data so the responders know exactly where the issue has occurred.

Once the design is complete, it is deployed using the Limelight Display Client that runs on a user's Windows PC.  The client application logs into the remote Limelight XE™ server, automatically downloads the design files and displays the controls (full screen) to the operator.  It can be locked to the PC preventing the user from exiting the display client without authorization to prevent unauthorized PC access (e.g. browsers, etc.).

This is just one example of how a console spanning multiple monitors could be built.  The design is a collection of shapes and controls with links to the data sources provided by a Limelight XE™ server (or group of servers).  It is only limited by the imagination of the designer.


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