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Documentation - Limelight XE™ - Reference - Objects
Video Manager
ParentParent object that owns this object
GUIDObject's Globally Unique Identifier
OwnerModule or driver that owns this object
Driver (Video)
VersionMinimum software version that supports this object


This driver is highly configurable and uses minimal resources to provide video analytics and recording for most IP Cameras , video feeds, or local cameras such as a WebCam. To accomplish this, it provides independent compute power to each video stream. Analyzing them to determine if something significant has changed from the previous frame, extracting objects, creating counts as well as object motion heat maps. 

Child ObjectsObjects owned by this object
PropertiesThis object's unique properties or settings
Name Type Level R/W Description
DataSource Enumeration Admin R/W Database source for storing video clip information
Database Enumeration Admin R/W Database connection for video information
DatabaseTable Enumeration Admin R/W Database table for storing video clip information
VideoSources Integer Admin R/O Number of connected video feeds (limited by installed license)
VideoStorageDirectory String Admin R/W Directory where video clips are stored
LicenseLimit Integer Admin R/O Maximum number of video feeds set my installed license
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