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SCADA Application Example

Create Sophisticated SCADA interactive Diagrams and Controls

By combining the drawing tools and standard indicators and controls, complex application displays can be created and layered.  Any part of the diagram can be click or touch enabled to allow interaction with the system.  Click or touch events can change views, activate controls, interact with scripts and more.  Lines and components can be grouped by state ID which allows sections of a diagram to act as a single component changing state based on global state values.  Integrate video feeds, buttons and controls as well... it's as simple as dragging, configuring and linking to a data source.

Create unlimited layers that can selected either by the master page index or by using page containers.  This allows sections of the diagram to remain hidden until required.  All diagram information is stored on the master limelight XE™ server in a human readable form that can be edited live via the Limelight Interface Architect tool or manually using a standard text editor.

So create complex control systems and connect them to your PLC hardware or simply create simulators for training and education.  The applications are limitless.

Hardware Accelerated Vector Controls

All lines, shapes, indicators, buttons and visual components utilize video hardware acceleration and anti-aliasing to provide amazingly smooth images.  This combined with various animation mechanisms provides the appearance of true analog controls.


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