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Properties 40+
Colors Unlimited
States 256
Input Mouse, Touch

Example State Shapes

Create Unlimited Shapes for Buttons or Indicators

The basic drawing tools allow the designer to create stunning visual displays either by schematically or virtually representing systems or processes.  These shapes have up to 256 different states that can be tied to a local or global state variable.  The local states only affect a single object where the global states affect all common objects (those that share the same state ID).  Using this method, multiple shapes can be connected representing a system state.  Optionally, the shape (or group of shapes) can support mouse clicks or touch making the indicator a control as well. The illustration above is just a small sample of the types of shapes that can be created using the standard drawing tool.  Once shapes are created and grouped together to form controls or indicators they can be saved as custom controls to be used repetitively in your design reducing time and effort for the project.

Hardware Accelerated Vector Controls

All indicators, buttons and visual components utilize video hardware acceleration and anti-aliasing to provide amazingly smooth images.  This combined with various animation mechanisms provides the appearance of true analog controls.

Data Sources

Each control can be tied to a specific Limelight XE™ server and state source. The source can be the output from any hardware component such as a Modbus digital input or PLC state variable.  It can also be tied to a local or global variable updated by scripts providing unlimited flexibility in exposing the required information to operators.


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