Limelight XE™
Product Overview and Architecture

Limelight XE™ Client / Server Overview


  • Client / Server architecture
  • Objects and properties accessible from any client
  • Event and task objects
  • Remote management of system
  • Local and remote logging
  • Support for MSSQL, MySQL as well as other database engines
  • Plug-in drivers for hardware integration and scalability
    ... plus more


  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later


Limelight XE™ provides a solution for integrating protocol diverse hardware and data sources by providing a common messaging scheme that unites all the protocols and physical layers into common objects and properties. This architecture allows information flow between different equipment and sources even if they are made by different manufacturers. For example, a company may have various metering equipment for recording water, electric and gas consumption in a facility and quite often these meters use both varying protocols and physical layers. Limelight can integrate all these meters into a single "meter" source and connect the results to a SQL database. The "meter" source is now provided by Limelight XE and can be used and integrated into web or application based clients.

Other sample applications may include integrating card access with other subsystems such as IP cameras and door operators or combining data sources provided by other servers. All of these can exist in a single Limelight server as objects. The objects have properties that can be read and updated via web services if the client application is authorized. By providing a common object interface to dissimilar equipment, users can create unique customized solutions without the complexity and cost of a complete custom application. Limelight XE also provides scalability through additional plug-in drivers so as new equipment or data sources are added, the system can be expanded to handle the new protocols or physical layers.

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