Limelight XE™
Access Control Pack

Limelight XE™ Client / Server Overview


  • Limelight XE™ server (details)
  • Limelight management console
  • PSIM client console with snap-ins
  • Access Control Plug-in (details)
  • HID Global VertX / EDGE Driver (details)


  • Complete turn-key software solution for RFID card / token access
  • Fully supports HID VertX / EDGE products
  • Expandible / easily integrates with other drivers or plug-ins


  • Guard tour plug-in (coming soon)
  • VertX / EDGE hardware configuration console (coming soon)


The Access Control Pack is a complete turn-key software solution for access control. It has two major components:

  • Access Control - provides various privilege level and scheduled access to assets.
  • HID VertX / EDGE hardware driver - provides a network connection to controllers.

This pack includes all the components for a complete card access software solution including both native Windows® and browser based clients. If your facility is looking to do an upgrade and have existing HID VertX / EDGE products, this pack supports controller firmware versions 3.3.1 and higher (units can be upgraded using the optional hardware configuration console). See the "detail" links (left) for more specific information on each component.

For more information on how the Limelight XE Access Control Pack can meet your facility or application needs or to speak with a Strasis Systems' associate, please click here.