Limelight XE™ Solutions for
Time and Attendance


Tracking and accounting employee time is mission critical for a human resources organization. The cost of specialized time readers for "clocking" in or out as well as the proprietary nature of dedicated solutions can limit flexibility as well as facility expansion. By utilizing the existing access control system along with mechanisms to prevent entering or leaving without proper access, time (on site) can be accurately tracked and tallied.

Utiliting the Limelight XE family of products, the same access control system can be used to push attendance data to a corporate server in any format required. With the addition of anti-passback, it becomes very difficult for "buddy punching" and the same credentials used for access are also used for time tracking.

  • Accesses (enter / exit / other) can be pushed to any database (local or cloud)
  • Fields and format are highly confirable through a simple XML form
  • Templates available for major Time and Attendance packages
  • Anti-passback prevents "buddy punching" when leaving a facility
  • Immediate knowledge of who's on site during emergencies

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