Limelight XE™ Solutions for
Physical Security Information Management


Managing a facility can be a daunting task. Between asset security, emergency management and general operations condensing all the information available into a manageable stream can be problematic especially with disjointed systems. Utilizing the Limelight XE™ family of products, a system can be created to provide a complete facilities view at a glance including additional remote locations.

Among the many available features, alarm management provides complete procedures that are presented to operators providing step-by-step operations to clear the alarm as well as notify correct individuals. Many alarm tasks can be automated which can offload operators during heavy periods resulting in reduced operator errors.

Complete systems integration provides a single unified source for all information that can also be shared and managed by existing corporate systems. An AJAX/JSON interface API is available for those customers that wish to integrate Limelight XE™ servers into their existing systems or want to create a custom user interface.

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