Limelight XE™ Solutions for
Parking Garages


Managing large scale parking garages requires knowledge of energy consumption, occupancy, safety and a multitude of security factors. By utilizing a selection of Limelight XE family products, a monitoring center can track the power consumed by high bay lighting and automatically dim or turn off individual controlled lights to conserve power. Additionally, RFID card access can provide subscription based access as well as identification of vehicles and current occupancy.

Alarm conditions can also be monitored and alert operators to issues without the expense of on-premises personnel. The ability to remotely view a driver's license and release a gate in the case of lost credentials can save users frustration and lost time while providing a sense of personal involvement.

  • Remote control and monitoring of access gates
  • Card and RFID access tokens for subscription based plans
  • Viewing of credentials via DL scanners when RFID tokens are lost or forgotten
  • Automatic occupancy counting

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