Limelight XE™ Solutions for
Machine and Tool Management


Managing the work flow for machine utilization and operator authorization is often left to manual means. With a system architected around the Limelight XE™ series of products, an automated system can provide several advantages.

  • Only authorized operators can start machines (motor start controlled by RFID reader)
  • Job management can be assisted by directly entering job codes into RFID keypads
  • Machine running time can be accurately monitored
  • Shop floor can be monitored via IP cameras for worker safety and security
  • Detailed reports on jobs and tool usage
  • Optional building automation and security system integration

Using the keypads on the RFID readers, job codes can be directly entered and time-stamped. By recording which job is on what machine, a detailed report can be generated resulting in improved knowlege of machine utilization and operator time. Additional RFID card swipe and PIN is required to start the machine preventing unauthorized access improving safety. Operators cannot start a machine without first entering the proper job code or if outside of normal working hours (without authorization).

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