Limelight XE™ Solutions for
Energy Management


For many multi-unit properties, landlords depend on the local management to monitor utilities. As part of the movement to "go green" many buildings are being renovated with smart meters that can communicate with other systems. These meters can be remotely read and the consumption monitored and recorded. This can facilitate various government tax credits showing that usage is low for the renovation done to a building.

Utilizing the Limelight XE™ line of products, a landlord can monitor the consumption of each tenant as well as the general building consumption. This can help alert owners to gas and water leaks, equipment malfunctions and vadalism - all of which can save money over time as well as provide trends in consumption.

  • Can be used to realize various tax credits for "green" buildings
  • Many meters can wirelessly connect to a local server (no additional wires)
  • Early leak detection can reduce the risk of excessive damage or fire
  • System can be expanded to provide access control, building automation and more...

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